220kV OHL Jvari – Khorga and 500kV OHL looping in of Kavkasioni


220kV OHL Jvari-Khorga connection project comprises the construction of a 220kV double circuit transmission line (approximately 60 km) – from SS Jvari to SS Khorga - and approximately 8km long double circuit 500kV overhead line as a tie-in of the 500kV transmission line Kavkasioni. The project is being implemented by Jyoti Structures Limited, India. Presently, the construction works are underway. Implementation of the project will facilitate the transfer of electricity from the hydropower plants located in north-west part of the country in the direction of west Georgia, to Poti free industrial zone and to Turkey, and at the same time enable increase of power supply to east Georgia. In order to support the Project, a Supervision Consultancy Contract was signed with the German company Fichtner.

Project Details:

  • 170 out of 171 foundations of 220 kV Jvari-Khorga OHL have been installed; 1 foundation is in the process of arrangement
  • 220 kV towers assembly process is underway, 81 towers are being assembled, the installation works are being held for 3 towers
  • Within the 500 kV Kavkasioni OHL Looping-In Project, 20 out of 21 tower foundations have been arranged
  • Within the 500 kV Kavkasioni OHL Looping-In Project, 18 towers out of 21 towers are already assembled
  • The cable installation works are in progress. The cable stretching process has been completed on 3,152 km.

Project Construction Time:

  • 500 kV OHL Looping in of Kavkasioni Project Started 12 August 2014
  • 220 kV OHL Jvari-Khorga Project Started 12 August 2014
  • Estimated project completion date: 2018



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