Black start

In order to recover the Transmission Grid from a partial or total shutdown, it is necessary to have certain generating stations (Black Start stations) available, which are capable to start-up from shutdown and to energize customers autonomously within one (1) hour (without getting electricity from the outside) after the receipt of appropriate instructions by the Dispatch Licensee.

As of today, TSOs are able to ensure the system restoration from Black Start, using the following power plants:

1. Khrami-1 (JSC Khramhesi-1);

2. Zhinvalhesi (Georgian Water and Power Ltd);

3. Vartsikhehesi (Vartsikhe 2005 Ltd);

4. Engurhesi (Engurhesi Ltd);

5. Lajanurhesi (JSC Energo-pro generation);

6. Gumathesi (JSC Energo-pro generation);

7. Atshesi (JSC Energo-pro generation);

8. Dariali hesi (JSC Dariali Energy);

9. Shuakhevi hesi (Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC).