220kV OHL Jvari – Khorga and 500kV OHL Looping-in of 500kV Kavkasioni OHL

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Jvari-Khorga connection project comprises the construction of a 220kV double circuit transmission line from Jvari SS to Khorga SS (approximately 60 km) and the looping of double-circuit 500kV Kavkasioni overhead line in Jvari substation (approximately 8km). Implementation of (a) and (b) components of the project will facilitate the transfer of electricity from the hydropower plants located in north-west part of the country to the direction of west Georgia, Poti free industrial zone and Turkey, and at the same time, will increase the power supply to East Georgia.

The project consultant is German company Fichtner. The project was being implemented by Indian company Jyoti Structures Limited. Since the company failed to fulfill the contractual conditions, the agreement was terminated on 15 August 2018. According to media sources, the company was declared liquidated. A contract was signed with an Indian law entity to check legal status of Jyoty Structures Limited. In accordance with the information provided by the company Jyoty Structures Limited was in the process of insolvency proceedings and it was placed in rehabilitation as a result of the Indian National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) held on March 19, 2019.

A new tender announced once again on 20 July 2019, on the remaining works in agreement with the consulting firm Fichtner and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, according to which the deadline for submission of bids is 20 September 2019. On August 15, 2019, the pre-tender meeting with the bidders was held at the GSE office in Zugdidi. Bids submitted on September 20, 2019 were opened. The tender with the Turkish company “Bozlar Yapi Enerji Muhendislik Insaat Taahhut Bilayim Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi”, which was announced as a result of the evaluation of the submitted bids, was signed on February 20, 2020. According to the contract, the deadline for completion of works is 6 months from the sending of the work start notice (NTP) to the contractor. The 6-month deadline for the winning contractor to enter the construction site has been extended to 8 months due to the global pandemic and the restrictions imposed on it. The materials were inspected in the warehouse by the contractor. The Notice to Proceed for works sent by the Employer to the contractor has taken effect since January 18, 2021. Currently, the contractor is arranging access roads and tower sites, also erecting the towers on 220 kV line. As of today 54 towers have been erected. During the erection of the towers, the contractor discovered certain types of problems on the three towers erected by the previous contractor (towers # 111, # 122 and # 131). The Contractor shall conduct the soil survey for towers # 111 and # 131 and submit the survey results and its proposal to remove the problems. Defect on tower # 122 has already been rectified by the contractor. Given that 1. due to housing problems with the population, the contractor does not have access to all towers and 2. the above three defected towers require additional works, it will be necessary to extend the term of the contract.

The following works have been carried out by Jyoty Structures Limited under this contract:

Project Details:

  • 170 out of 171 foundations of 220 kV Jvari-Khorga OHL have been installed.
  • The total of 86 towers has been assembled.
  • Within the 500 kV Kavkasioni OHL Looping-In Project, 21 out of 21 tower foundations have been arranged.
  • Within the 500 kV Kavkasioni OHL Looping-In Project, 21 out of 21 towers have already been arranged.
  • The cable installation works have been completed.

As of today:

  • There are about 20 critical locations on the OHL, where the contractor had brought some materials and partially started tower installation works. At present, GSE is completing the installation of towers on those locations.
    The works started on February 25 - 2019, and the tower installation works have already completed on 17 points out of 20 critical locations.
  • From the works defined by the 500kV Kavkasioni OHL looping-in project the following have been completed:
    • The assembly and installation works of the tower;
    • The installation works of the wire, overhead ground wire and fiber-optic cable.

Project Dates:

  • 500 kV Kavkasioni OHL Looping-in Project started on 12 August 2014.
  • 220 kV Jvari-Khorga OHL Project started on 12 August 2014.
  • Completion of the project is scheduled for 2021.


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