Georgian State Electrosystem Preparation for the Winter Season

GSE is implementing preventive works in high mountain regions in relation to the Winter season.

Transmission lines located in Svaneti region were transferred to GSE in the beginning of 2015. Other sites such as 110/35/10kV substation Ipari, 35kV substations Tetnuldi and Lalkhori are also in line to be transferred to GSE capital. Projects and Exploitation Departments have researched the existing condition of lines and substations. Faults have been defined and terms for their elimination have been set. The works planned for the first stage have been executed including supporting 200 towers, formation of plants in the line protection areas and cable tightening. Plant formation works are in active phase on this stage on the 35kV transmission line Khudoni. Besides, in order to ensure safe and stable power supply for Tetnuldi resort which is now under construction it became necessary to construct underground backup transmission line. Similar works have been implemented on Beshumi transmission line and substation. It is unable to access the resort during 6 months period and the region is practically isolated and for this reason preventive works were executed in advance. GSE has used its maximum resources in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply for high mountain regions during the Winter Season.

Georgian State Electrosystem Preparation for the Winter Season