Company IPS Visits GSE

Joint meetings of GSE management and IPS are held at GSE premises. IPS delegation is headed by IPS President Dr. Zeljko Schreiner. IPS is assisting GSE in the initiation of WAM (Work and Assets Management) program. It should be noted that GSE is the first company in Georgia that will have mentioned program.

Parties discussed topics related to development and initiation of the program. GSE implemented large scale project implying rehabilitation of all main GSE owned substations. Project was successfully finalized and all equipment starting from 6kV to 500kV had been refurbished. The next stage of this project is the introduction of international standard which implies software operation of mentioned equipment. The program plans and defines specific activities, volume of works and frequency that will make the network more flexible and reliable. Implementation of this program will enable optimization of human resources, time and expenses. These processes will be initially planned and all the information related to assets will be organized and automated.

Implementation of WAM project started in GSE in January of 2016 and its starting version is planned to be activated by the end of 2016.

Company IPS Visits GSE