Consultative Meetings at GSE Premises

On 18 February 2016, at GSE” head office consultative meeting was held on ten-year transmission network development plan. During the meeting solutions of new challenges and future updates have been discussed.

The meeting was attended by GSE specialists as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission and technical consultants of Portuguese system operator REN.

The meeting focused on such important topics as the integration of wind energy, generation and consumption of electric power and its quality analysis, planning of generation under Voloragua project and preparation of the initial information for Ten Year Transmission Network Development Plan. In addition, the meeting discussed the necessity of calculating the adjusted power reserves and envisage infrastructural projects for National Dispatching Center within ten-year development plan.

REN’s consultants shared their experience on wind energy integration. It was noted that because of existing topography of Georgian energy system, this issue needs the detailed analysis and development of special technical requirements for wind energy stations.

The next consultative meeting at GSE premises will be held in the middle of March.

Consultative Meetings at GSE Premises