Engurhesi Enabling Restoration of Shutdown Power System

Testing of Engurhesi, most significant and hydropower station of the Country, for activation from the zero point was implemented by GSE.

Activation from zero point means restoration of the power system which was completely shutdown by means of the power station which can operate independently without receiving any electricity.

GSE has already implemented such testings in substations Zhinvali, Khrami-1, Vartsikhe, Shaori and Lajanuri. In cases when electricity supply cannot be provided from neighboring countries, Engurhesi and other mentioned substations will create autonomous islands which will enable restoration of power supply to the customers within approximately 4 hours in case of complete or partial shutdown.

Testing of Engurhesi for starting from the zero point has not been implemented since the start of its operation in 1978.

Engurhesi Enabling Restoration of Shutdown Power System