Repairing Works of Autotransformer have been completed in Kakheti Region

Capital Repair of Autotransformer at Substation “Gurjaani 220” in Kakheti Region was successfully completed.

Complete volume of works were carried out on AT 1, envisaged under repair program: Autotransformer has been painted with newly acquired two-component stains; Oil parameters of Autotransformer have been repaired with new oil processing unit “MICAFLUID”.  20 units of modern DU-125 type disk locks have been installed on Autotransformer which enables such repair works as: recovery and change of Turbo oil, repair of radiators and replacement of silica gel without emptying oil. Previously installed old disk locks could not obstruct oil therefore the repairing works of damaged oil pump of III group was unable over the years.

Repair works have been carried out by Exploitation Department of GSE, the employees of regional substation, diagnostics, relay and transport services as well as by the employees of national dispatch Centre.

Repair works were ongoing from January 5 till February 18. It should be noted that repairing works on Autotransformer have not been carried out since 1984 from the beginning of its operation.

In addition, the project of shifting the secondary switching devices to digital protection system was finalized as scheduled in Kakheti Region. Fiber-optic cables stretching works (70 km) have been performed on PTL Manavi-220, which connects Gurjaani Substation to substation Rustavi-220.

The implementation of these projects provides flexible and rapid Dispatching process enabling more reliable and safe energy supply of the Region.

Repairing Works of Autotransformer have been completed in Kakheti Region1Repairing Works of Autotransformer have been completed in Kakheti Region2