San Diego University students at GSE

On June 14, 2016 GSE held an open day for the first-year students of San Diego University, Faculty of Electrical and Computer engineering. Initially students visited National Control Centre located at GSE premises where they have been introduced to the basic principles of its operation and given a small lecture on power engineering in general and GSE’s role in energy sector development of the country.

San Diego University students at GSE

After visiting dispatch center, the students paid a visit to GSE Training Center Polygon. The working environment at training polygon is very similar to the environment where substations’ personnel work. The students were directly involved in the testing processes of electric devices as well as in the practical training of fire protection.

GSE greatly contributes to professional development of future power specialists. Therefore, various training programs are very often held at GSE Training Centre which are composed in view of the modern requirements of Georgian power system allowing students to acquire full knowledge and practice in this field.

San Diego University students at GSE2