SS Khorga Construction In Progress

Most important project for the construction of Khorga Substation is in nonstop progress.

This will be a stable, technically distinguished and a very important project from the power engineering viewpoint, that will provide electricity supply to Poti industrial zone in the future and will greatly contribute to the electricity diversification.

This project will enable to connect to potential export markets and enable the country to export energy to Turkey.

On this stage works for primary equipment installation are being finalized. Exploitation and PTL Rehabilitation Team of GSE will complete the works to tie in Paliastomi-2 to Khorga Substation in February.

Simultaneously PTL Khorga-1,2 and Poti-1,2 will be tied in to Substation Khorga. Optics will be changed on the line as well. Completion of works is scheduled by the end of February.

Construction works of the substation are implemented by Siemens Austria.

Overall project will be completed by the first half of 2016.

SS Khorga Construction In Progress