Georgian State Electrosystem Educational Tour for Adigeni Municipality Senior Pupils

Senior pupils of Adigeni municipality public schools visited Georgian State Electrosystem in the context of GSE's educational tours. The senior pupils visited the National Dispatch Centre located at the Head Office of Georgian State Electrosystem. They were given a small lecture on the role and importance of Georgian State Electrosystem in the development of the country's energy sector.

After the National Dispatch Centre, the pupils visited the Navtlughi-220 Substation and GSE Training Centre polygon, where they took part in various electrical equipment-testing processes. The pupils also visited Zemo Avchala Hydropower Plant (ZAHESI), where they learnt the HPP history and attended the power generation process.

“We are very pleased. We hope that the tour will help our senior pupils to choose the right profession since the energy sector development is an irreversible process and the future of our country,” – Giorgi Qometiani, Director of Adigeni Public School, said.

Making the young generation get interested in the energy sector is one of the important GSE priorities. Therefore, Georgian State Electrosystem will continue to hold such kind of meetings in the future.

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