Testing of New Equipment at Georgian State Electrosystem together with ABB Switzerland Representatives

A two-day visit of ABB Switzerland representatives to the Head Office of Georgian State Electrosystem has ended.

ABB Switzerland representatives made a presentation of new technologies, their technical specifications and cost effectiveness of digital substations at the working meeting.

On the following day of the visit, a presentation of current-input and voltage-input analog-to-digital converters was held at GSE programming and power metering laboratory. The converters have been installed on ABB portable stand and transferred to GSE metering laboratory for temporary use to conduct practical tests. The test conducted during the presentation was successful and converters were connected to digital meter manufactured by Prosoft System, which has also been transferred to the GSE laboratory for testing purposes.

Introduction of up-to-date technologies still remains an eternal priority for GSE. The company is continuously seeking for and testing similar devices, and if results are positive, introduces them at its substations and transmission lines.