Georgian State Electrosystem Delegation at CIGRE International Symposium

Delegation of Georgian State Electrosystem participated in International Symposium of The International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), which was held in June 4-7, Aalborg, Denmark. Symposium reviewed important challenges of modern power systems such as: Integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, network modeling for harmonic research, FACTS technology, low-inertia system operation etc.For the first time in history, the first Georgian scientific paper was submitted to the CIGRE International Symposium concerning solving the problems caused by nonlinear loads in small isolated power systems by means of energy storage systems.

The International Council on Large Electric Systems is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in France in 1921 and unites worldwide transmission system operators, manufacturers, experts, universities, generating and distribution companies operating in the power sector. Since 2018 Georgian State Electrosystem has been a member of CIGRE.

Those willing to join CIGRE can receive additional information from the Georgian representative of the organization: CIGRE National Committee of Georgia

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