Software Program Trainings

At the head office of the Georgian State Electrosystem, the consulting company has completed trainings of software program (WASP IV) for GSE employees.

Within the framework of the training service integration of generation expansion planning and hydro-system optimization program (Valoragua), analysis of long-term consumption-delivery balance of Georgia's electricity system were carried out. Its effect on import /export and average value of generation was also determined. In addition, the results and conclusions were analyzed on software PSS / E.

The WASP IV program is used to define the economically optimal model of the generation system expansion, under certain restrictions. Herewith it will be introduced to plan power system operation for the period of up to 30 years by GSE, also to energize generation facilities and to outline required network infrastructure. The program enables to plan the optimal time for the construction of stations, determine generation capacity, production costs and fuel consumption capacity.

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