Transboundary Electricity Trading Meeting in Ankara

The first workshop of a group of representatives of Georgian State Electrosystem and TEIAS was held at the head office of the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) in Ankara, Turkey.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the existing procedures for the distribution of line capacities between Georgia and Turkey and their harmonization with the ENTSO-E rules.The Turkish side made presentations on the rules and procedures regarding the allocation of capacity on the example of Turkey-Greece and Turkey-Bulgaria,on the practice of working with transmission system operators and compensation mechanisms. The presentation of the Georgian side referred to the current rules and procedures for the distribution of transboundary lines, as well as the refinement of procedures between technical operators.

Work will continue in the format of the working group on harmonization of the interconnection operation agreement between Georgian and Turkish transmission system operators with ENTSO-E standards. At the meeting, a protocol was signed, according to which the parties will discuss the possibilities of distribution of capacity through joint auction.