Georgian State Electrosystem Transformer Park Renewal

By the end of the year 8 new transformers and autotransformers will be added to the Transformer Park of Georgia, which will be installed in substations: Khorga-220, Batumi-220, Navtlugi-220 and Gurjaani-220.

Installation works of transformers at Khorga and Gardabani substations has already been completed. At this stage, installation work of 125 MVA autotransformer and 63 MVA two transformers at Batumi substation is underway and the rest will be installed at Navtlugi and Gurjaani SS by the end of December.

Once the transformers and autotransformers are put into operation, the sustainability of the relevant regions and the entire power system of the country will be significantly enhanced. Consumers will be provided with non-stop, high quality, stable electricity. There will also be opportunities for new consumers to join the power grid, which will facilitate the implementation of infrastructure and other important projects.

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