ENTSO-E Experts First Visit to Georgian State Electrosystem

Within the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreement signed between the Georgian State Electrosystem and the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), ENTSO-E experts held a seminar at GSE Headquarters.
GSE representatives briefed the experts on current and planned activities in the electricity market of Georgia and talked about large-scale energy reforms in the country.The parties also discussed issues of future cooperation between GSE and ENTSO-E, which aims to obtain observer member status in the ENTSO-E in the near future.Experts spoke about European transmission system operators network activity, European energy market principles and network regulations.
During the visit, guests visited Georgian State Electrosystem National Control Centre equipped with up-to-date technology and deserved their high praise.
As a result of Georgia's accession to the Energy Community, GSE received an offer from ENTSO-E to join the Non-Membership Cooperation Program. The goal of the program is to organize workshops and trainings tailored to the needs of GSE, to share knowledge and experience on the European energy market, and to enhance staff qualification.
Signing a cooperation agreement with ENTSO-E is a significant step for Georgia's energy sustainability. Within the framework of cooperation, GSE has the opportunity to share experience with European transmission system operators, which will contribute to both professional and institutional capacity building, long-term development prospects and deepening energy cooperation with the EU.

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