ENTSO-E Partnership Program Study Tour

Within the framework of the Cooperation Program between the Georgian State Electrosystem and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), GSE representatives participated in a study tour in three European cities: Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland).

The third annual Regional Security Coordinators Conference in Copenhagen discussed ENTSO-E's vision of European region-based companies, merging strategies and prospects for cooperation between these companies across the region.The conference highlighted the support for effective markets and the topic of security of electricity supply. An interactive session was held with speakers from EU institutions, energy markets and civil society.

During the visit, GSE representatives visited the electricity transmission system operators of three countries, including the National Control Center equipped with modern technologies in Warsaw, and got acquainted with the specifics of its operation.European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity brings together 43 transmission system operators in 36 countriesand its aim is to ensure the optimal and stable functioning of the internal energy market by defining common policies and directions, through technical cooperation between transmission network operators and the development of long-term network rules. In 2018 ENTSO-E welcomed the significant steps Georgia has taken to comply with European standards for the domestic energy market. Accordingly, ENTSO-E has offered GSE a three-year cooperation program aimed at phased training of non-member transmission system operators to obtain observer member status.

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