Balancing Market Management Workshop

A working meeting related to the opening of the electricity balancing market was held at the head office of the Georgian State Electrosystem. Representatives of the Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, Electricity Market Operator, Energo-Pro Georgia and Telasi attended the meeting together with the employees of GSE.

At the meeting, the purpose of which was to discuss the issue of supplying the Balancing Market Management System (MMS), with electricity metering data, Georgian State Electrosystem Commerce and Electricity Accounting Department Presented the project "Data Generation Program according to the methods of loading profiles". Participants reviewed load profiles and the issues of efficiency and perfection of information delivery to the balancing market management system were discussed. The representative of Energo-Pro Georgia made a presentation on forecasting electricity consumption and hourly breakdown of actual consumption.

The electricity balancing market will be launched in 2021. As a result, Georgia's energy potential will significantly increase, the investment environment will improve and more foreign investment will be attracted in the energy sector.