Georgian State Electrosystem Starts Project for Construction of New Substations

On July 22, 2021, Director General of Georgian State Electrosystem Ucha Uchaneishvili and Transmission & Distribution Director of Contractor company Mytilineos S.A (Metka) Margarita Arif, signed a Contract Agreement for the construction of new substations in Ozurgeti and Lajanuri and the expansion of a 500 kV substation in Akhaltsikhe. The amount of the signed contract is EUR 36 million.

The implementation of the construction works will allow GSE to meet the growing demand for electricity in the regions of Adjara and Guria, increase export potential and develop infrastructure that will facilitate the integration of renewable energy, particularly new hydropower plants, into the Georgian transmission network. Construction of new substations in Ozurgeti and Lajanuri and the expansion of Akhaltsikhe substation will start step by step and will be completed in 2023/2024.

The construction measures will be implemented within the framework of the Energy Network Improvement Programme (ENIP). ENIP is financed in the context of German Financial Cooperation with Georgia through the German Bank for Reconstruction (KfW), co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and a grant funding from the European Union Neighborhood Investment Facility (EU NIF). The total donor funding contribution for ENIP amounts up to EUR 325 million with the purpose of constructing new and rehabilitating and optimizing existing transmission infrastructure in Georgia.

The infrastructure components of ENIP are located across all of Georgia and are to be implemented by 2026. Under ENIP, approximately 500 km of transmission lines and 5 substations will be constructed and extended. This will support Georgia to develop a stable and reliable transmission system, that will ensure network security, boost tourism, industrial and agricultural activities and business in general.

The Energy Network Improvement Programme (ENIP) is co-funded by:

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