Black Sea Submarine Cable Project Feasibility Study First Draft Assignment

In order to discuss the details of the feasibility study of the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project connecting Georgia-Romania a joint working meeting of the representatives of Italian consulting company CESI and the employees of GSE was held at Georgian State Electrosystem.

CESI is carrying out feasibility study of underwater cable construction project connecting Georgia-Romania and digital connection, the possibilities and best ways of practical implementation of the project will be determined accordingly.The consulting company started the research on May 11, 2022 and it is planned to be completed within 18 months.

At the workshop, CESI consultants presented the first draft assignment of the feasibility study (defining optimal possibilities for Georgia-Romania interconnection) including the determination of electricity demand, generation development plan, capacity and other technical details.Also, the representatives of CESI briefed employees of GSE on the progress of other assignments provided by the research.

The Black Sea Submarine Cable Project connecting Georgia-Romania aims to connect the South Caucasus region with South-Eastern Europe by means of an underwater power transmission cable, which will be equipped with a digital connection. Project implementation will contribute to the strengthening of energy security of Europe and the Caucasus region, development of the renewable energy sector and increase of transit opportunities between the indicated regions.