Georgian State Electrosystem at CIGRE International Colloquium

Giorgi Amuzashvili, Member of the Board of Directors of the Georgian State Electrosystem and Chairperson of the CIGRE - National Committee of Georgia, participated in the International Colloquium of the South East European Regional Council (SEERC) of CIGRE in Vienna, Austria.

The following challenges in the field of electricity were discussed at the sessions and workshops: Integration of renewable energy sources into power grid, increased rates of electricity consumption in countries and their means of balancing, trends of natural gas demand decline . A governing meeting of the countries of South-East Europe was held, where representatives of the world's major energy companies spoke about the chronology and prospects of energy development in the countries of Southeast Europe.

CIGRE - Georgia Representatives had a discussion panel, where they discussed the current challenges of the Georgian energy system and future development plans. A Georgian scientific article Assessment of the high-voltage network topology impact on high-frequency impedance was presented by the representatives of CIGRE - Georgia.

Colloquium participants visited the electrical lab of the Austrian Institute of Technology equipped with a state-of-the-art DC lab, a high-voltage AC test hall and a test room for renewable electricity devices.

Since 2018, Georgian State Electrosystem is an official member of CIGRE.  In the same year, at the initiative of GSE, the CIGRE - National Committee of Georgia was established, which is the first national committee in the region and its main function is to raise awareness about the Georgian energy system among the electricity scientific circles and bring European and Georgian engineers closer.