Gardabani Power Transmission Line Works Underway

To strengthen Georgia-Azerbaijan energy interconnection, Georgian State Electrosystem is implementing renovation of 330 kV Gardabani OHL project. Within the project, the existing single circuit 330kv Gardabani OHL will be upgraded to double-circuit, which will provide twice as much power exchange.

The transmission line interconnects the power systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan through the Gardabani-500 and Aghstafa substations. Herewith a complete reconstruction of the GSE-owned substation Gardabani-500 will be carried out under the project.

Gardabani double-circuit OHL interconnection project is implemented according to the ten-year network development plan of Georgia and after the completion, it will be possible to exchange 700-1000 MW power between the power systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan, which will considerably boost power capacity between the two neighboring countries and increase the reliability of synchronous operation.

The project started in June 2021 and the completion is scheduled for June 2022.

gardabani 1 small.jpggardabani2 small.jpg