Giorgi Gigineishvili Attended Meeting in Armenia

Giorgi Gigineishvili, Director General of the Georgian State Electrosystem, took part in a meeting to discuss Georgia-Armenia cooperation in the energy sector.The meeting was held in the Republic of Armenia and was attended by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia Gnel Sanosyan, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Romeo Mikautadze and Chargé d'Affaires of Georgia in the Republic of Armenia Irakli Kvantchakhadze.

Armenian and Georgian counterparts discussed the situation in the energy systems of Georgia and Armenia. The sides reviewed the details of the project for the construction of new power transmission lines connecting Georgia and Armenia. The importance of building additional energy transmission infrastructure was emphasized, it will further increase the volume of electricity flows and the degree of energy security between the two countries.

The working meeting also focused on the operation of organized markets, which will soon be launched in Georgia and imply the establishment of a competitive market, an attractive investment environment and free choice for consumers. Within the framework of the ongoing reform in the energy sector, the balancing and ancillary services market will be operated by the Georgian State Electrosystem.