Training on Balancing Market Issues

The employees of Dispatching, Balancing Market and Technical Security Departments of Georgian State Electrosystem participated in the training supported by the French financial institution AFD and organized by the consulting company RTE International, a subsidiary of the French TSO RTE.

GSE employees were given both practical and theoretical trainings on balancing mechanisms of the electric power system and other important issues in the conditions of the balancing market. The participants of the training were introduced to the principles of operation of the French electric power system at the national control center of RTE.

Georgian State Electrosystem provides the operation of the balancing and ancillary services market within the framework of the ongoing reform in the energy sector. For the successful operation and further development of the balancing market of Georgia an important factor is the expertise of the largest transmission operator in Europe, which has great experience in addressing the challenges and opportunities arising in the conditions of the balancing market.