Alaverdi Project of Reconstruction - Configuration as Double Circuit Completed

Georgian State Electrosystem is performing reconstruction works on power transmission line Alaverdi 220kV connected to Armenia in Gardabani Municipality.

Reconstruction of the cross-border power transmission line Alaverdi started in 2017 and was carried out in several stages. The project provided for: 220kv power transmission line Alaverdi reconstruction - configuration as double circuit; 220kv wing reconstruction in substation Gardabani 500 and 220kv cell arrangement in Gardabani TPP2 and substation Marneuli 500.

Currently, the last, third stage of the project, which includes the complete rehabilitation of the power transmission line Alaverdi 3 is underway. 6 new towers were installed and about 23 km of cable was replaced. After the completion of the works, the power generated by the Gardabani TPP will be distributed to Marneuli 500 and Gardabani 500 substations.

The works will be completed in mid-September.

As a result of the implementation of the project, the energy cooperation between Georgia and Armenia will be strengthened, it will become possible to transfer a large amount of electricity to ensure export-import and transit.