Georgian State Electrosystem delegation under the leadership of the Director General Giorgi Gigineishvili took part in the third working meeting of CIGRE South East European Regional Committee (CIGRE SEERC). Representatives of energy companies and scientific circles of Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine and Kosovo attended the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was discussion of the issues related to the resilience and strength of power systems. The representatives of different countries shared their experience about the specific cases observed in the power system and the measures taken in response. They talked about conducted, ongoing and planned researches and modern approaches for effective risk assessment. In his presentation Giorgi Amuzashvili, GSE member of the Board of Directors spoke about the power system of Georgia and the related challenges.Presentation also included Georgian power system development plan, which in the long term should ensure the security of electricity supply in Georgia, integrate new generation and consumption sources into the grid and enhance energy connection with the power systems of neighboring countries.

Georgian State Electrosystem is an official member of CIGRE. CIGRE - The National Committee of Georgia was established at the initiative of GSE and the main function is to raise awareness about the Georgian power system among scientific circles and bring European and Georgian engineers closer together.