Visit to Anaklia within the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project

In order to select the approximate route and location of the Black Sea submarine cable project, the representatives of the Ministries of Economy and Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection and Agriculture, JSC Georgian State Electrosystem, LLP Agency of Protected Areas and local authorities were in Anaklia together with the Italian consulting company CESI experts.

Guests visited and discussed the locations of power transmission infrastructure along the coast of Anaklia, in order to complete the environmental and social impact screening report, on-site survey and inspection were carried out.Delegation was also at Jvari 500 substation, where the Black Sea submarine cable is planned to be coupled to Georgian power system.

According to Zviad Gachechiladze, a member of the Board of Directors of Georgian State Electrosystem, commission inspected the location in Anaklia where the power transmission infrastructure is planned to go deep into the sea in the future and herewith, based on the information found, following important issues will be also specified: cable route, environmental and social screening issues, etc.

“We are investigating the possibility of electricity transmission between Georgia and Romania through a 1100 km long cable passing through the bottom of the Black Sea. We have already selected the route and the location of the transit stations.The purpose of the visit is to determine latest findings of the research and to check the work we have already done to minimize environmental and social impact caused by the infrastructure construction,” - said Stefano Malgarotti, CESI representative and project manager.

To identify the possibilities and the best ways of practical implementation of the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project feasibility study is actively being carried out by the CESI company selected by Georgian State Electrosystem. The feasibility study will be completed at the end of 2023.