Working Meeting within the Energy Sector Reform

Within the framework of the reform program ongoing in the energy sector of Georgia, a joint working meeting of representatives of GSE, KFW Development Bank and Gopa Intec company, international and Georgian experts was held in Georgian State Electrosystem.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop an action plan necessary to obtain green hydrogen and its derivatives (PtX) in Georgia.The consultants expressed their willingness to support the production of renewable energy in Georgia and to make recommendations for the improvement of the legislative/regulatory framework that will help Georgia fulfill its obligations under the energy program.

Georgian State Electrosystem is actively taking steps to connect renewable energy sources to the energy system and is focused on measures necessary to obtain sources producing clean energy. In the long term, the effective use of power resources in Georgia will contribute to the integration of new sources of generation and consumption into the grid and will strengthen the interconnection with the energy systems of neighboring countries.