Kolkhida-1 OHL Reconstruction

Georgian State Electro System continues the reconstruction project of Kolkhida-1 220 kV transmission line, connecting Kutaisi-Menji.

Power transmission line rehabilitation process is implemented in several stages. Within the framework of the project in 2022, 16 emergency towers were replaced with new modification towers. At this stage, new aluminum wire installation works are being carried out along the entire power transmission line.

In total, within the framework of the project, it is envisaged to replace 205 km of old cables and line elements with new modification devices. As a result, the capacity of the power transmission line will increase from 138MV to 300MV, it will enable to carry reserve power in case of unforeseen circumstances by 500kV grid.

Considering the growth of power system generation and loads Georgian State Electro System supports enhancement and modernization of the transmission grid in order to ensure the safe operation of Georgian power system.

Installation works of cable and line elements will be completed in June 2023.