Visit to Gardabani 500 Substation

Romeo Mikautadze, First Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development together with Giorgi Gigineishvili, Director General of Georgian State Electrosystem visited Gardabani 500 SS and got acquainted with the works carried out in the substation. Gardabani 500 is electricity hub of the country. During the winter period when the generation of hydroelectric power plants in Georgia decreases, the substation provides energy system of Georgia with 60-70% of electricity at the expense of thermal power plants and transit power lines.

Due to the strategic importance of Gardabani substation Georgian State Electrosystem implements large-scale works. At the end of 2022 complete reconstruction of the substation was carried out, 330 and 220kV new cells were arranged and 400MVA, 330kV second autotransformer was commissioned. Works were performed under the project upgrading Gardabani 330kV transmission line to double circuit, which is connected to the Azeri power system.

After the completion of the project, 1000MW power exchange will be possible between the energy systems of Georgia and Azerbaijan, which will increase the reliability of synchronous operation.

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