Students of 144th Public School of Tbilisi Visit Georgian State Electrosystem

In order to popularize the field of energy among the younger generation, the Georgian State Electrosystem actively continues to conduct educational tours for students from schools in Tbilisi and other regions. This time, the company was visited by senior students of the 144th public school of Tbilisi. The students visited the National Dispatch Center located in the head office of GSE and became acquainted with the principles of its operation.

Representatives of GSE spoke to the senior students about general energy concepts, notable achievements and challenges within the energy sector, the pivotal role played by the Georgian State Electrosystem in the nation's energy development, as well as initiatives geared towards developing renewable energy production and other important matters.

After visiting the head office, the students proceeded to the Navtlughi 220 substation. Here, they received detailed explanations about the operation of power transmission lines and substations. They also participated in checking power transmission lines using various electrical devices, and observed the high-voltage testing of protective devices in the diagnostic service laboratory.

Since 2016, Georgian State Electrosystem has been organizing educational tours. From this period, about 1,500 students from schools in Tbilisi and regions took part in educational activities.