The Representatives of GSE Attended the General Session of AIB HUB

Employees of the Georgian State Electrosystem participated for the first time as observer members in the meeting of the Council of the Association of Issuing Bodies Guaranteeing the origin of European energy (AIB HUB). The meeting included representatives from 37 certificate-issuing authorities across 30 European countries.

The Latvian Transmission System Operator (AST) hosted the introduction of the new AIB HUB members, including the GSE delegation, and organized introductory meetings. The meetings discussed the challenges, obligations, and goals of the new EU directive RED III on promoting renewable energy, as well as issues related to issuing certificates of origin for various gases produced from hydrogen and renewable energy sources.

The certificate of origin is an electronic document that furnishes users with comprehensive information regarding the quantity of energy generated from renewable sources. The Georgian State Electrosystem commenced issuing mentioned certificates in 2023.According to the observer status agreement signed with AIB HUB in the same year, GSE, as the authority issuing certificates of origin, has the opportunity to familiarize itself with the specifics of the association operations, to receive information about certificate of origin trade throughout Europe, to attend general meetings, and to access certain sections of the platform.