Working Meeting with Huawei Company's Management Team

Giorgi Gigineishvili, Director General of the Georgian State Electrosystem, held a meeting with the management team of Huawei company.
During the visit, Giorgi Gigineishvili toured the research and development facilities, gaining insight into the operations of the Cyber Security Center located in Shenzhen, which serves as the foundation for Huawei devices. Additionally, he observed the production process of electric inverters at the factory.
Giorgi Gigineishvili also had the opportunity to examine the latest models of electric batteries, control systems, chargers, and inverters, along with smart electronic devices and the artificial intelligence-based control center showcased in the Huawei exhibition gallery.
Georgian State Electrosystem is a company committed to progress, making it essential for its representatives to get acquainted with technological innovations from Huawei, the largest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment. Huawei's products and services are utilized in over 140 countries, including Georgia.