Year-End Meeting at Shida Kartli Regional Network Office

The management team of Georgian State Electrosystem visited Shida Kartli Regional Network Office to familiarize with the work done during the year.

Significant work was done in Shida Kartli region during 2017. The new 110 kV cell was arranged, and circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, relay protection and SCADA circuits were installed at Ksani-500 substation. Protection schemes for blowing engines and oil pumps were arranged in the autotransformers and autotransformer cooling boxes at Gori and Khashuri substations. Active resistors were installed in the neutral of the power transformers at Gori-220 substation. The Transformer Repair Service personnel provided capital repairs to the transformers at Khashuri-220 substation.

Within the frame of the visit, the year-end meeting was held at Shida Kartli Regional Network Office, at which Chairman of the Management Board of GSE Sulkhan Zumburidze and Shida Kartli Regional Network Manager Temur Mshvidobadze made presentations.