Art Competition

If you are a professional or beginning artist and think that the modern world cannot exist without the energy sector development, this competition is for you! Learn more about our company and engage in the competition called Bringing Light to You!

Georgian State Electrosystem announces a thematic art competition for the company slogan/message - Bringing Light to You! - to identify two winners. The company team will identify the best works of the competition, while the Facebook users will choose the otherwinner through likes. The winners will be awarded with GEL 1000 gift cards.

Competition Terms!

  • Any professional, beginning or self-taught artist can participate in the competition
  • The competition drawing must reflect the energy topic. The drawing must include a substation or a power transmission line or a power transmission tower
  • The drawing must be created within the competition with the size of no less than 30X45 cm
  • Competitors shall bring the works to the head office of Georgian State Electrosystem (at No 2 Baratashvili Street, Tbilisi) before 7 March 2019
  • Photos of the works will be uploaded on official Facebook page of Georgian State Electrosystem at on 12 March 2019
  • The winners will be identified on 20 March 2019

Within a week from March 12, Facebook users will have the opportunity to decide on their favourites through likes. Likes from fake pages will not be considered! Upon completion of the competition, the winning drawings will remain with the company with the exclusive right to use them at its discretion.

Good luck!