Georgian State Electrosystem has a New Stream of Graduates

Another group has completed the Engineers' training/retraining and qualification raising course of Training Center of Georgian State Electrosystem, practical and theoretical trainings.lasted for a year.

Ucha Uchaneishvili, Chairman of GSE Board of Managers handed certificates to the Training Center graduates, he spoke about the role of young generation in the country's energy development and large scale projects of the company.

The program has been implemented in the Georgian State Electrosystem since 2005, without any financial benefit. It enables future power engineers to step up the challenges of the modern world, upgrade their qualifications and get hired by one of the leading energy companies.

During this period, 270 students passed the training course and over 80% became employees of Georgian State Electrosystem. Herewith, 15 graduates will be employed this year in various regional networks, departments and sub-stations of GSE.

The Training Center of Georgian State Electrosystem will receive a new stream of students in the fall of 2019 to pass Training/retraining and qualification raising course.

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