Georgian State Electrosystem Vehicle Fleet Acquired Electric Vehicles

Georgian State Electrosystem vehicle fleet acquired five new Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. The electric vehicles have been purchased with the financial support of the European Investment Bank (EIB) within the framework of the Black Sea Power Transmission Network project. The solemn event of electric vehicle transmission was attended by Sebastien Husson de Sampigny, Regional Representative of the European Investment Bank in the South Caucasus, and Sulkhan Zumburidze, Chairman of the Management Board of GSE.

The reason for annually increasing popularity of electric vehicles is the care for the environment. Such vehicles are driven without internal combustion engine; therefore, they do not use fuel and do not pollute the environment.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the European Investment Bank for the assistance. We have had long partnership relations with the EIB. Contribution to the improvement of the ecological condition of the country is an important part of social responsibility for Georgian State Electrosystem. That is why our company always actively participates in different promotional actions to support sustainable environmental conditions.", Sulkhan Zumburidze said.