GSE Internal Auditors Participated in the International Conference held by the Institute of Internal Auditors

Georgian State Electrosystem Internal Auditors attended the annual international conference held by the Institute of Internal Auditors in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

The conference comprised the following issues: what great internal audit departments do well, audit the future: using audit analysis to predictively manage future risks, auditing the corporate business continuity plan, A whole new world? Exponential technology development and its implications for individuals, organizations and the society, leveraging technology in internal audit, keeping secure in the physical and digital realms through artificial intelligence, etc. GSE Internal Auditors were actively involved in psychological sessions and audit thinking development exercises.

The Institute of Internal Auditors is the largest international professional association in the world combining 180 000 auditors from more than 100 countries and having the purpose to develop and support internal auditors.

Participation in such activities serves professional growth and continuous renewal of knowledge of internal auditors.