Iliauni Students Visit GSE

Today, on May 14, students of Ilia State University, Master’s Program – Energy and Mineral Resources Management and Sustainable Development, visited Georgian State Electrosystem.

The students visually observed the control panel equipped with up-to-date technologies, which is responsible for the operational management of the power system. The students were given a lecture on the power system in general and the role of Georgian State Electrosystem in the development of the country's energy sector. After the lecture, the meeting continued dynamically, in question/answer mode. Discussions were focused on the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies, the potential of energy efficiency growth of Georgia and the challenges of the modern world that our country faces today.

After the National Dispatch Centre, the students visited the Navtlughi-220 substation and GSE Training Centre. They saw the training polygon, where work environment is as close as possible to the real environment in which the substation staff is working.

Meetings with students at Georgian State Electrosystem will continue in the future.