New Transformers were added to Georgian State Electrosystem Transformer Park

In April this year, 6 new transformers, 3 autotransformers and 3 power transformers have been added to the Transformer Park of Georgian State Electrosystem.

125MVA autotransformer will be replaced by 200MVA, 220KV autotransformer in Kutaisi substation. The old transformers will be delivered to Menji-220 and Tskaltubo -220. 200 MVA, 220 kV autotransformer has already been installed at Gldani substation. The old 125 MVA autotransformer was transferred to Gori substation.

Only one autotransformer was operating in Menji, Tskaltubo and Gori substations before, and it was increasing the risks of failure of transformer operation and maintenance. 16 MVA autotransformer has been replaced by 40 MVA in substation Gldani-220 and dismantled ones were installed in the substations Akhmeta -110 and Tsnori -110. The 80 MVA power transformer was also installed in Didube -220.

After the transformers and autotransformers are put into operation energy system reliability of capital city, region and overall country will be significantly increased. Customers will be provided with continuous, high quality and stable power supply.

Transformers 2.jpgTransformers 1.jpgTransformers 3.jpg