Georgian State Electrosystem Participated in ILIAUNI Scientific Picnic

On September 29, Georgian State Electrosystem took part in a scientific picnic organized by the Ilia State University at the Vake Park.

Throughout the day, science popularization groups conducted interesting experiments in up to 40 tents. Visitors had an opportunity to view the country's energy supply scheme laid out in the mock control room arranged in the GSE tent. The control room at the GSE National Dispatch Centre is responsible for the country’s power management ensuring uninterrupted power supply in Georgia.

Even the smallest visitors were not ignored during the scientific picnic: the light bulb-shaped GSE mascot offered the children attending the event a colouring fairy tale created on the theme of electricity.

Georgian State Electrosystem has always been actively involved in the activities, the main purpose of which is to raise people’s awareness and popularize the energy sector among the young generation, because modern world is hard to imagine without the development of power industry.

Science is fun!

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