Training on Certificates of Origin for Electricity

A training was organized by Georgian State Electrosystem on the reform of certificates of origin for electricity, which was attended by producers and traders of renewable energies.
The training was opened by Zviad Gachechiladze, a member of the Board of Directors of GSE. The steps taken by GSE in the direction of introducing the system of certificates were discussed on it; The functions and duties of GSE within the framework of the management of the registry of certificates, rules for registering the applicant as the owner of the account and as a producer, the grounds for issuing and transferring the certificate of origin. The future plans of the company in the direction of organizing the trade mechanism with certificates of origin were also emphasized.
The participants of the training got introduced with the software platform necessary for the creating registry for the certificates of origin and the principles of its use, which will help the generation sector of Georgia to accurately and reliably keep record of the produced renewable energy.
From 2023 Georgian State Electrosystem will start issuing certificates of origin for electricity. Obtaining a certificate will become mandatory for all producers of energy from renewable sources.
GSE has already developed a draft rule for issuing certificates of origin for electricity from renewable sources and introduced the electronic platform for issuing and transferring GREXEL certificates of origin. As a result Georgian State Electrosystem became the first transmission system operator in the energy union, which signed an agreement with GREXEL on the creation of the national electronic certificate registry.