Visit of Nichbisi Schoolchildren in Georgian State Electrosystem

Senior students of Mtskheta Municipality Nichbisi Public School visited Georgian State Electrosystem within the cognitive tour. Initially, the students visited the National Control Center situated in the head office of GSE.

The visitors examined control panel equipped with the up-to-date technologies that is unique in the Caucasus and ensures operational management of the power system. Students were introduced to the main functions of NCC. They were given a short lecture about the energy sector and the role of GSE in the development of the country's energy system.

Later the students also visited GSE Training Center Polygon where they were directly involved in various electrical equipment testing.

Energy sustainability leads to the economic growth of the country. Hence providing new generation with the relevant information and raising their interest in the field is the priority of GSE.These type of meetings will continue in the future at Georgian State Electrosystem.