General conditions of Metering services

A. General conditions of Alpha Service

Customer of AS shall:

1. For determination of detailed scope of ASA submit all information needed for GSE as required by GSE, including submission to GSE’s facility (including GSE’s metering Lab) for preliminary testing and trial operation of electricity meters, communication equipment and/or interface cables purchased by the customer.

2. Pay up-front the full cost of AS within five (5) days upon signing the ASA, before actually acquiring the AS, provided that the cost of AS is determined by the signed ASA per number of days of rendering AS by GSE to customer.

3. Provide round-trip transportation of up to 4 (four) authorized representatives of GSE for AS from GSE’s facility to site and back to GSE’s facility, including transportation of GSe’s representatives from the customer’s site to accommodation point and back to the site as needed for GSE’s representatives.

4. Ensure relevant on-site working conditions for representatives of GSE, in this respect the customer shall ensure comply with the relevant on-site requests of GSE’s representatives.

5. Provision of representatives of GSE with complete technical and any other information necessary for the performance of AS by the GSE’s representatives.

6. Sign-off of acceptance report/act on-site for the AS rendered by GSE.

7. Purchase electricity meter(s), metering equipment and/or interface cables required for AS;

8. Ensure readiness of purchased equipment for correct operation on-site;

9. Assist representatives of GSE in finding of accommodation per relevant request.

GSE bears no responsibility against customer for purchase of electricity meter(s), metering equipment and/or interface cables nor GSE shall be responsible for availability of such equipment for operation, on the contrary, the customer shall ensure readiness of such equipment for operation.

GSE shall bears no responsibility if equipment purchased by customer is faulty and/or damaged and as a result of such fact provision of AS by GSE on-site by GSE’s authorized representatives is not feasible

B. General conditions of Sim Card Service

General Conditions are as follows:

1. Customer of SCSA hires sim card(s) based on monthly payment to GSE.

2. In case of GSM sim cards, monthly payments are constant per month, except for the case when customer uses sim-card(s) for other purposes than per conditions of SCSA and for such a cases customer shall pay full amount of such services acquired by the customer on top of the scope of services determined by SCSA. Payment for GSM sim card(s) depend on number of calendar days for which customer possesses sim-card(s).

3. In case of GPRS sim cards, monthly payments are monthly fixed and permanent up to the amount of 3 MB per transferred amount of metered data. In case Customer will use more quantity of data over the 5 MB the customer shall fully reimburse to GSE additional quantity for each additional MB used by the customer per tariffs of relevant GPRS network operator. Payment for GSM sim card(s) depend on:
(i) number of calendar days for which customer possesses sim-card(s), and
(ii) amount of metered data transferred from point A to point B.

GSE bears no responsibility against customer for weakness or fault of GSM signal in or around customer’s facility as a result of which metered data is not feasible to be acquired metered data by the middle and/or upper levels of AMR System directly from meter, low and middle levels of AMR System.

Sim card(s) customer is responsible to maintain technical condition of sim card(s) same as the one(s) had on date of physical acceptance of the one(s) from GSE.