Akhaltsikhe-Batumi 220kV Transmission Line (ABTL)


The project comprises the construction of a high voltage double-circuit 220kV transmission line from the Akhaltsikhe 500/400/220kV substation with the high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station (back-to-back configuration) for power exchange with Turkey, to Batumi 220kV substation, connecting also the new HPPs Shuakhevi (185MW together with Skhalta HPP) and Koromkheti (150MW) to the Georgian power system. The approx. 146 km long transmission line will be constructed in two phases; in first phase the connection of Shuakhevi HPP to Batumi substation with approx. 52 km length and in the second phase the segment from Shuakhevi HPP to Akhaltsikhe substation with a length of approx. 94 km. This new 220kV line will improve reliability and quality of supply to the southwest area supplied by Batumi Substation where an important Black Sea port and touristic resort is located, establishing redundancy by two connections, one to Akhaltsikhe substation and one to the north to Menji and Khorga substations. Moreover the export of energy to Turkey from the HPPs Shuakhevi/Skhalta and Koromkheti via the Akhaltsikhe HVDC converter station and later also via the planned HVDC converter station at Batumi will be made possible. After International Competitive Bidding the contract was awarded to KEC International Limited (India) on April 27, 2015. Construction activities have been started.

Akhaltsikhe-Batumi Project is financed in scope the World Bank’s Loan № 8377-GE. The Construction Contract (№ IBRD/TGSP/W/ICB/01-2014) was signed withan Indian company - KEC International Limited on 27th April 2017.

In order to support the Project, a Supervision Consultancy Contract (№ IDA/TGSP/CS/QBS/01-2013) was signed with the German company - GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH, on 9th July 2015. The Consultancy Contract Price is USD 2.60 Mlnand GEL 2.60Mln (including all local indirect taxes). The Contract duration is 36 months plus 12 months Defects Liability period.

Project Details:

  • Phase I of the construction works within segment II of the Project has been completed:
    • Remediation works are in progress.
  • Phase II of the construction works within segment I of the Project is in progress:
    • 178 out of 250 access roads have been arranged.
    • Geological survey has been conducted on 171 out of 250 towers.
    • 174 out of 250 tower foundations have been laid.
    • 167 out of 250 towers have been assembled and installed.
    • The cable stretching process: from 94 km, works have already been completed on 29.38 km.

Project Dates:

  • Project start date: 25 July 2015.
  • Estimated project completion date: 2021.

Project Cost:

  • The Contract Price comprises USD 31.65 Mln, excluding VAT and import tax (estimated amount of such taxes is USD 5 Mln).


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Project Team

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Davit Utmelidze

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