Construction of 500/110/35 kV Substation Idliani

As part of Georgia’s 10-year plan for the transmission network development, Georgian State Electrosystem is strategically constructing the Idliani 500/110/35 kV substation near Idliani village. This initiative is designed to seamlessly integrate upcoming hydroelectric power plants in Svaneti, boasting a combined capacity of 230 MW, into the national power grid.The mentioned substation is designed to accommodate the connection of the future Khudoni hydroelectric power station.

The Idliani substation is unique in the region, as it a completely enclosed substation.

The financing for the construction of the 500/110/35 kV substation Idliani is exclusively derived from the revenues of Georgian State Electriosystem.

Project Details:

  • Currently, the project is advancing through engineering-geological and hydrological studies, along with the progression of substation design and the initiation of construction permit acquisition procedures.
  • Constructions and auxiliary reinforced concrete buildings and constructions built for the construction of the Khudoni hydroelectric power station located in the area have been dismantled.

Project Dates:

  • The project was initiated in August 2023.
  • The Project will be completed in September 2025.

Project Cost:

  • The cost of the project is 38,596,000 USD including VAT.