KfW Financed Open Program Transmission Network II – Invitation for Expression of Interest (Consulting Services)

Project Executing Agency: Georgian State Electrosystem JSC (“GSE”)
Financing: German Financial Cooperation through KfW Development Bank.
Project measures: The consulting services for the elaboration of Feasibility Studies (FSs) and Preliminary Design include the following main five (5) sub-projects:
a) Overhead transmission line (OHL) Tskaltubo – Akhaltsikhe, new 500/220 kV substation Tskaltubo and extension of 500 kV switchgear of substation Akhaltsikhe;
b) Reinforcement of Transmission Infrastructure of Guria: Construction of the new 220/110 kV substation (SS) Ozurgeti and link in of a 220 kV Overhead transmission line, new 110 kV substation Chokhatauri and new double-circuit 110kV line Ozurgeti-Chokhatauri,
c) North Ring Tskaltubo including related substations (divided in three sub-projects; c1, c2 and c3).
The purpose of the FS’s are to provide a technical, financial and economic view in order that the implementation consultant can prepare the tender documents for international public bidding for the supply and construction of the sub-projects. In carrying out this feasibility studies, the consultant shall address all issues related to the project; i.e. (optimal) routing (including alternatives), sizing, technology selection, economic viability and environmental and social impact as well as ensure that the design and results conform GSE (applicable legislation) requirements and international standards.
services: The requested services of the consultants comprise in general provision of expertise of engineering and design to the project executing agency/PIU including, but not limited to:

  • familiarization/review of the previous studies and relevant documents related to this project,
  • accommodation of the existing feasibility studies,
  • identification of major items of plant to be installed and clear establishment of their expected costs,

preparation of full project technical documentation to:

  • determine technical feasibility of the proposed scenario(s) including alternatives and establish the costs,
  • prepare technical design (preliminary design) such that the implementation consultant will have sufficient technical background to allow him to tender the projects internationally.
  • improvement and development of a tentative project implementation plan, access to land, corridor availability, cost estimates, planned procurement cycle, expected duration of detailed design, etc.

The consultant’s scope of work for the FS’s will comprise all above-mentioned sub-projects. The estimated duration of the Consultant’s assignment for the elaboration of the Feasibility Studies including Preliminary Design will be approx. 6 months for project a, b and first part of c1. The other two sub projects c2 and c3 shall be prepared time-delayed at a later stage.
This prequalification for consulting services will be guided by the latest version of the „Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries“ (refer to homepage of KfW Development Bank www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de). It is foreseen to assign the services to an independent consultant firm with proven experience in the High Voltage Sector (design and implementation of HV Substations and Transmission Lines) and in the region.
The combined turnover of the lead consultant and all associated partners for the last 3 years shall exceed EUR 15,0 million, whereas the lead partner needs to achieve 80% of this value. Further information will be made available upon request by GSE and the Tender Agent (TA) under the following addresses:

GSE Att. PEA / Mrs. Maya Pitskhelauri
Georgian State Electrosystem JSC
2, Baratashvili St.
Tbilisi 0105, Georgia
Phone: +995 32 2 510 263
Fax: +995 32 2 983704
E-Mail: maya.pitskhelauri@gse.com.ge

Tender Agent: INTERBUSINESS Consulting & Services GmbH
Att. Dieter Budecker
Friesenstrasse 2E,
61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H. / Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 6172-2679142
Fax: +49 (0) 6172-2679143
E-Mail: mail@ibusinesscs.de